Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 15, 2012:

Yesterday was a rough day for starting new projects.  After I kitted up Madonna of the Garden I went to put her on my 20 inch scroll rods and they broke when I tried to put the frame together.  They jammed and I couldn't get them put together or take them apart again.  I finally found another set of 20 inch rods and got her on a frame.  Then when I went to put the frame on my Gazelle stand the clamp broke.  I ended up having to switch to my twin towers stand, which meant taking off The Awakening of Psyche and changing the size.  I had the extender bars on, which run the entire length of the couch.  After about an hour of fiddling with equipment, I finally had my stand set up and ready to go.

Here is my progress on Madonna of the Garden so far.  She is going to be a slow project.  Lot of color changes, very few large blocks of color.

Madonna of the Garden by Nora Corbett is described as:  "Reminiscent of a Renaissance painting, the Madonna is calm and radiant as she cradles the angelic child.  The lush fruits represent blessings and abundance. "  What you see above is the blanket wrapping the baby Jesus.  She is being stitch an a 32 ct. Lugana solo from Silkweaver.

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