Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 18, 2012:

I have made pretty good progress this week on Madonna of the Garden.  Still working on Baby Jesus, I can't wait to get to Mary because that is when the color of the fabric is really going to pop and make sense.  I love this design!!  Plan to keep on stitching her tonight and tomorrow.  On Friday, I'm going to pull Miss Valentine back out and see how far I can get on her.

Just had some stash go out in the mail to me today.  The fabric I need for Heaven Above is no longer available, so I just submitted a replacement request, and one of my Weeks threads is on back order.  But the fabric I need for Blue Moon Fairy (Heaven and Earth Designs - Artwork by Bernadette Lusk) will be in the package, along with thread and beads that I need for various designs.

I also decided to include a few pictures of my Stitching Angel by Susan Greening Davis.  This is not a recent finish - but I recently saw a doll on one of the stitching boards and I thought I would show this one off, she is one of my favorites.

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