Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 5, 2012:

I have made a lot of progress on Elizabeth.  I will finish the dress tonight!!  I still hope to be able to finish her before Spring Break is over - 3 more days...  I didn't meet my stitching goal yesterday, but had a great day at Marbles Kids Museum with the boys.

Yesterday I received a package in the mail from Silkweaver, two of the hand dyed fabrics I ordered from last weeks Facebook sale.  The first is a 36 ct linen called Frankenstein  - I plan on using it for some Halloween designs, not sure which ones yet.

The second, is a 32 ct. Lugana solo.  It is very different than I expected the picture on Facebook was much more red, but I like it.  The photo below does not do it justice it is a grey background with reds and a little blue.  I'm not sure yet what I'm going to stitch on it.  Mirabilia's Queen of Freedom has been suggested, but I haven't decided yet.

Today I received Mirabilia's Miss Valentine in the mail.  I'm very excited to get this one - it is a limited edition kit from the Fairy Holiday Collection.  I have already stitched Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween.  Now I only lack Easter and New Years.  Can't wait to stitch it!!


  1. You've made wonderful progress on Elizabeth :) Those Silkweaver fabrics are beautiful. So when will you be starting Miss Valentine? She's so sweet.


  2. Thanks Veronica. I hope to start stitching Miss Valentine soon. After I finish Elizabeth I am going to try to finish the beading on Midsummer Night's Fairy. Once that is finished I will put Miss Valentine on the stitching frame that holds Midsummer Night's Fairy. Madonna of the Garden will go on the frame that holds Elizabeth.