Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 22, 2012:

Happy Earth Day!!!  I celebrated Earth Day today by taking the boys to see Chimpanzee.  We enjoyed the movie very much, especially Christopher who loves all animals.

I've been busy this week stitching on Madonna of the Garden.  The Baby Jesus is largely finished, except for backstitching and the blanket.  I have started on Mary, without the backstitching her face looks very unfinished, but the colors are wonderful and I'm loving her on this fabric.

On Thursday I received a large shipment of stash for a variety of projects.  Since my fabric finally arrived I decided to start Blue Moon Fairy by Heaven and Earth Designs, which is being stitched on 25 ct linen 1 over 1.  I stitched about 3 rows of 80 stitches only to realize after I put the pattern under my magnifier that I had read the symbol wrong and had stitched the wrong color.  Now all three rows will have to be frogged.  If you've ever frogged stitched that are 1 over 1 you know that is no easy task... it will probably take me longer to frog the 3 rows than it took me to stitch them.  That project is going back on the back burner for a couple of more days.

Also on Thursday, the boys and I attended Chairs of Hope at Vandora Springs Elementary.  Chairs of Hope is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  The theme this year was famous paintings.  My son was really excited because he has been studying artists and their most famous works in school.  One of his favorites is Starry Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.  He feel in love with this chair which even lit up like a lamp:

We had the high bid all evening, but there was another family interested too.  About 10 minutes before the bidding ended the man outbid me and then blocked me and would not allow me to write in another bid.  I was really upset and trying to decide what to do without causing a scene in front of my son when my son said, "Mommy that little boy really wants the chair let him have it, lets just go make sure that Christopher gets the chair he wants."  I was very proud of him.  He is only 8, but he let the chair he really wanted go so that the other boy could have it, and so that we could go stand by the chair his brother wanted to make sure that I could place a higher bid on that one if I needed to.  This is the chair brother Christopher won, they are sharing it.

Because I was so proud of Mark for being the better person and letting the chair he really wanted go, I purchased the Starry Starry Night pattern from Heaven and Earth designs.  I will be ordering the fabric on pay day and it will become one of my summer projects.  Mark is going to help me stitch it.  I've looked over the pattern and it is all confetti stitches so it's going to be a pretty challenging project, but worth it for my sweet boy.


  1. Lovely progress on Madonna of the Garden. All those threads and beads look so luscious on that fabric. Sorry that the frogs visited though. It sure is horrible frogging over one stitching.

    That's a really nice thing Mark did. Looking forward to see your Starry Starry Night WiP.


  2. Thanks so much Veronica. I'm loving Madonna of the Garden. I still haven't finished frogging... I started it but had to put it down for awhile. I'll be sure to post Starry Starry Night once I start stitching it. He's going to help me stitch it so that will make it even more special.